2018 Altcoin Report

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Let us (hopefully) be the first daily email newsletter to wish you a happy and healthy 2018. We’ll forego the eye-doddering evaluations of the year behind us and succinctly touch on the 365 days that lie ahead: they will be prettay, prettay, prettayyy big.

 Macro outlook for Groestlcoin (GRS)

Macro outlook for Groestlcoin (GRS)

Like any newfound publication, we want to look out for our readers. After all, without you guys, who would bear witness to our rambling heaps of crypto chatter? That chatter includes an altcoin report prepared by one of our contributors. Remember our email over the holidays mentioning a package to jump start the new year? Well, it’s here, and it’s piping hot.


Meet John. John is a contributor for The Daily Bit and a second semester junior at UC Berkeley. John likes talking cryptos. So much, in fact, that he created his own major, which is essentially Cryptocurrency Market Analysis. Talk about the road less traveled. Oh, and we mentioned he rows Crew, right? The bar has been set quite high for John.

Despite this, he’s doing a fine job of navigating the crypto space. For the past few weeks, John has been constructing a report on altcoin projects he believes will see major developments in the year ahead. John did his homework, probing whitepapers and reviewing major announcements of each project. He then came full circle and provided a macro perspective on each project’s price action using technical indicators. (To see more of those charts in use, head over to our Discord).

We weren’t kidding when we said we had something special lined up for you.

John’s complete report is 77 pages long, and this is only Part 1. Nothing short of impressive — and expected — from a pioneer in the space out on the west coast.

John’s report can be downloaded here. Again, none of this should be construed as financial advice. All thoughts on price action are John’s alone. No forecasts are by any means guaranteed. This is, after all, a highly speculative market.

As always, we’re always here to answer your questions, thoughts, or concerns about the space. We hope this serves as a useful tool for understanding the crypto markets and what forces could potentially drive growth in the coming year. We’ll get back to our usual course of business in tomorrow’s paper.

*NOTE: The embedded PDF was produced by John Amorosana. All thoughts on price action are his alone. None of this should be construed as financial advice. John’s contact information can be found in the below post. You can download John’s 2018 Altcoin Report here.*

If you would like to contact John, he can be reached through the following channels:

Instagram: john_amorosana | Linkedin: John Amorosana | Twitter: @johnamorosana