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‎How to Buy EOS

‎How to Buy EOS

Anyone interested in purchasing these tokens can buy EOS using  Binance.

About EOS

EOS is a blockchain platform similar to Ethereum, which allows decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts to be developed and executed. The network developed by, is designed to be the culmination of the best blocks and smart contract networks. The network is easy to use, free and not limited by the scalability issues that continue to affect the Bitcoin and Ethereum blocks.

EOS has attracted  investors, developers, and traders to develop a platform that does not charge trading fees while processing millions of transactions per second. For all its glory, Ethereum, which is the world’s leading DApp and smart contract platform, scalability remains an issue as gas taxes and congestion continue to rise.

The EOS blockchain network seeks to become the primary decentralized operating system that can support industrial-scale decentralized applications and open up the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to the rest of the world.

A unique ICO EOS structure went into effect in 2017, led by CEO Brendan Blumer and technical director Dan Larimer. This ICO was unlike any other project in the world of cryptocurrencies that lasts a whole year. Being the longest ICO period in the history of the crypto world, the team raised $ 4 billion during this period, making it the most successful ICO in crypto history, also based on funds raised.
Distribution of tokens

The token sale began in June 2017, with a total of 900 million tokens sold between June 2 and 2018, with another 100 million EOS tokens reserved for These 900 million were not sold immediately and were also not sold at a specific token/share/currency price. EOS tokens are sold in increments (windows or periods) and at market price.

At that time, EOS tokens were ERC20 tokens, which means that the project was first developed on the Ethernet network until they launched their network and moved the tokens there. The ICO was divided into two main stages. In the first phase, 20% of the total number of EOS tokens were sold to investors, while another 70% were offered to investors in the second phase of the ICO.

The first phase lasted only one day, while the second phase was broken down into 349 days, with investors being offered 2 million EOS each day. During each phase, the interested investors sent the ether (native currency Ethereum) to EOS.IO, and the tokens were distributed to investors after the end of the 24 hours.
Token change and migration to the EOS block (June 2018)

At the end of the ICO (June 2018), EOS token holders were informed by to transfer their tokens to some crypto exchanges, such as Binance, which supports swap tokens. The platform, founded by, was first launched on the Ethernet network but later transferred the tokens to its network after the launch of the mainnet.

However, the launch of the mainnet had several issues that delayed the launch of the network, and came under criticism for not properly securing its network and supporting centralization.

The team behind the EOS Blockchain

Brendan Blumer (CEO)

The company behind EOS is “”, headquartered in the Cayman Islands and led by CEO Brendan Blumer, who has been involved in the blockchain world since 2014. Since founding The Account Network, Blumer has had experience in real estate and finance, a company that sold in-game MMORPG avatars and, a data-sharing platform for real estate agents in Asia.

Dan Larimer (CTO)

The technical manager behind the EOS project is Dan Larimer. He has been obsessed with Bitcoin and decentralization since he met it in 2009. He is known for creating BitShares and invented BitUSD, a reliable cryptocurrency linked to the dollar.

Dan Larimer is also the co-founder of Steemit, Inc. and his CTO until March 2017, being the chief architect of the Steemit network and crypto Steemit. Larimer also runs Cryptonomex, Inc., a blockchain technology consulting company founded by his father, Stan Larimer. He and Blumer started EOS together after the duo met in 2016.
Ian Grigg and Brock Pierce (Partners)

One of the EOS partners is Ian Grigg, one of the first pioneers in financial encryption. He has been involved in cryptography since 1995 when he built one of the first cryptographically secure systems to issue or market any good. He recently worked with R3, the bank-led consortium that wants to bring blockchain technology to finance, and is currently.

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