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The Daily Bit is a group of committed crypto enthusiasts dedicated to helping shed light upon the cryptocurrency space with on-the-go crypto news. We provide an on-ramp into the crypto markets that blends insight with entertainment, suitable for both newcomers and weathered veterans.

Our Mission

We seek to cultivate a learning environment that provides engaging, insightful, and educational content, enabling community members to improve their understanding of the space through mutual collaboration and networking.

Meet The Team 

Kevin Grimm

CEO, Founder


Email: Hello@thedailybit.news


After graduating from Georgetown with a degree in finance and accounting, Kevin left his position at Credit Suisse to pursue his passion of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He founded The Daily Bit in December 2017 and is the lead content writer for the newsletter.

Dominick De Lucia

Chief Editor, Founder


Email: Dominick@thedailybit.news


Dominick De Lucia is a Junior in college, majoring in business finance. He attends American University in Washington D.C. in which he was integral to The Daily Bit’s acceptance into AU’s very own business incubator program. He helped found The Daily Bit in the first month of its debut in 2017.

Justin Liao

Business Development, Founder

Justin graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors in Human & Organizational Development, with a double minor in Financial Economics & Corporate Strategy. In addition to being the Founder of The Daily Bit, Justin is the Head of Business Development at Pulse Labs, a NYC blockchain accelerator.

Nicholas Troia

Research Analyst 

Email: Nick@thedailybit.news


Nicholas Troia is a sophomore in college, studying at New York University. He plans on pursuing an economics education before applying to law school. Nick started as a summer intern at The Daily Bit in May 2018, and since then has become a research analyst. 

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