secure your money

After much research into security, we offer two recommendations to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are protected. Keep reading to learn how to trade and hold cryptocurrency without worrying about the state of your holdings.

Step 1: Be Sure to use a vpn

Virtually Private Networks (VPN) keep your connection to the internet encrypted, anonymous, and, of course, private. In addition, a VPN can operate in any country so that you can make trades on the go. Such a system is extremely encouraged when trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to keep your assets safe. We here at The Daily Bit highly suggest the use of a Nord VPN server as it is efficient, secure, and speedy.

Step 2: Store your holdings on a wallet

If you keep your cryptocurrency on an exchange, there's no way to ensure its safety because an exchange can get hacked. The safer way is to keep your cryptocurrency on a hot wallet with services such as MyEtherWallet. However, the most secure method of monetary storage is on a cold wallet. On a cold wallet, your cryptocurrency is stored in a secure, offline environment. The best companies that do this are Ledger Nano or Trezor. We highly recommend storing your personal wealth on cold wallets.